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Attic Radiant Barrier Services in Greater Santa Clara, CA

Keep Your Attic and House Cool, While Improving Your Energy-efficiency and Savings

5 Telltale Signs That You Need A Radiant Barrier:

  • Unbearably hot attic
  • Rising temperature in the other rooms
  • Overworked AC, losing its product life sooner
  • Overworked radiator during winters
  • High electricity bills

AtticElite – the Name You Can Trust to Keep Your Family Comfortable

Your attic is the most exposed area in your house to the elements. During summer, the sun heats it up, while the freezing winter air cools it down. Depending on the season, your house is either losing precious warmth or gaining unwanted heat, straining your HVAC systems into overdrive. The effect – is discomfort and an ever-growing energy bill.

AtticElite installs triple-layered radiant barriers with an insulating layer (usually, plastic) sandwiched between two highly-reflective aluminum layers. The metal reflects up to 97% of the sun’s radiation, while the insulation prevents hot metal from heating your house. For winters, our bottom-installed radiant barrier can prevent the heat from your house from leaking out, improving your heating efficiency. Your attic and other living areas remain comfy during both summers and winters, accruing massive savings for you.

How We Install Santa Clara Radiant Barriers

We create a detailed plan to suit your requirement & budget

We choose the right radiant barrier for your house, based on your local climate

Quick installation: we finish most projects in just 1 day

To save you removal costs, we can install over existing insulation

Improve heating efficiency during winters with a bottom-installed barrier

We upgrade inefficient insulation and radiant barrier installations

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