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Without a vapor barrier, crawlspaces are subject to moisture, mildew, insects, and mold. Ultimately, you’ll be doing more harm than good without one. Moisture could seep into your crawlspace and cause odors that may be both unpleasant and unsafe. You can also end up having to spend more money on mold remediation and insect removal.

A vapor barrier is a thin layer of impermeable material that ensures none of the listed hazards enter the space. Your home will have safer air to breathe and you’ll avoid replacing various items in your home due to the damage the absence of a vapor barrier can cause.

Condensation occurs when the warm air inside of your home condenses on cold surfaces inside of the attic. The best ways to prevent this from occurring are to make sure that no vents are covered with insulation, that your attic has adequate ventilation, and to remove any sources of moisture that may be causing the issue.

Just like anything that remains dirty for a prolonged period of time, attics can become a safety hazard if left dirty. The contaminated air from your attic can flow inside of your living space and cause a number of issues for you and your family. These issues include:

  • Allergen irritation
  • Poor quality of air
  • Flare-up of sensitivities

In addition, a dirty attic can negatively impact your energy bill, forcing you to pay more. Professionals that will clean your attic will remove any sources of dirt, debris, rodent droppings, and other contaminants. Here at AtticElite, we happily provide both attic and crawlspace cleanups. Don’t wait, we’re happy to ensure that your attic is squeaky clean and safe!

Yes! Having the correct amount of insulation is essential for a healthy attic or crawlspace. With an excessive amount of insulation, restricted airflow can become a problem. If there isn’t proper ventilation, excessive moisture in the attic or crawlspace can become an issue, leading to other issues such as mold growth.

The short answer is yes. However, we don’t recommend it. We are about the health and safety of our customers and this is a task left better with the professionals. This may seem like a cheaper alternative but if debris and other contaminates are removed improperly, your health could be at risk. AtticElite provide both attic and crawlspace cleanup services. We’d be happy to clean your attic or crawlspace for you at a reasonable price!

The general rule of thumb when it comes to cleaning your attic or crawlspace is once a year. During the time of cleaning, a general inspection can be conducted to ensure there are no issues such as rodents or mold.

When rodents such as mice or rats reside in your attic, they leave behind possible disease-carrying residue and toxic particles. These leftovers from rodents can also lead other rodents into your attic. Attic decontamination is when professionals go into your attic and properly remove this residue and sanitize the space to eliminate bacteria.

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