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Santa Clara, CA Rodent Proofing Services

Before working on attic cleaning and replacement of insulation, AtticElite had over a decade of hands-on expertise in the pest control market. We know how agile and intelligent such animals can be. Make sure the business you are using will outsmart them to make your rodent-proof house! Isolation, decontamination, and avoidance are what we do well at AtticElite. It’s pretty easy with us to rodent-proof your home: first, we search, then we locate entry points, and eventually, we close those points to discourage them.

Has your Santa Clara home been invaded by Rats or other Rodents? 

One of the crucial facets of the work we do for homeowners is using our skills and expertise to map the precise location of each entry point. That is the first rat-proofing move. You’re almost likely to be shocked by how dexterous rats can be; we even saw them climb stucco walls. They are more than able to squeeze into a space about the size of a dime, adequate to get their head in, and then the rest can follow. Only looking for a large opening and attempting to close it up will never fully solve the problem because rats are far more clever and discreet. We’ve done a lot of jobs where the landlord and the pest control specialist before us have been utterly baffled as to how the rats come into the house. Therefore you need a professional who knows where to look and what to look for in your attic.

Rodent Proofing Services for Santa Clara

It is important to call attic cleaners who are professionals when you see the signs of an infestation before it gets out of control. Our attic clean-up staff will clear any heavy or unused objects from your attic if appropriate and can start cleaning up any droppings or even carcasses of animals that might be present to minimize the risk of pollution. Some Santa Clara homeowners discover that their original insulation has been destroyed or compromised so badly as a result of the infestation that isolation replacement is still required, so we carefully and securely remove the old insulation and prepare to add new insulation once the attic cleaning process is complete.

Here are the steps for Rodent Proofing:

  1. Pre-Job Prep & Walk
  2. Insulation Removal
  3. Attic Cleaning (including rodent removal)
  4. Sanitizing & Decon
  5. Job Site Cleanup
  6. Post Walkthrough

Keeping Rodents Out

Once we have found the damaged and breached areas of your attic, we’ll get to work on sealing and covering all the entry points and making the rodent-proof attic. These bugs are covered by insulation, drywall, and sometimes things in an attic, and this method may often involve the removal and repair of the insulation. When our job is finished, we ensure mice are safely shut out.

Ensure sure you fix the rodent problem once and for all by using AtticElite to outwit any fuzzy opponents. As one of the leading attic-cleaning facilities contractors we deliver the best pest- and rat-proofing solution. Contact us today, for a free estimate!

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